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Massive Updates and a great Future! (English)

Dear Photographers, Partners and Friends of CTS Photo & Press Service!

 We hope you passed healthy and without a high economic impact through the Corona Time. The CTS Team has used the time for massive server updates. Especially the update of the not fully compatible PHP 5.6 to 7.4.6 was hard work for our developers.

 We are proud that all of the development and the roll out on the server happened without any side effects to the users of the system. All components are very well tested. We have seen no problems during the last days in beta operation. Furthermore we upgraded the hardware, which already offers around 200.000 images online, to be able to add another 400.000 images.

 While changing the software we finally also shutdown our pages on Facebook and Twitter to continue our straight way for more privacy to Internet users. We added the following solutions loved by experienced Internet users:

 - RSS Feed: Internet Pro’s are using RSS since decades to build their Newsfeeds without third party filtering and algos of huge data collectors. We enhanced the feed to include the latest 500 images uploaded by our photographers. Using RSS you are able to follow new uploads easy within your RSS News Stream. https://cts-photo.com/rss/feed.xml

 - Mastodon: The new, free, decentralized, Open Source, Social media High-Flyer, loved by millions! A privacy oriented, decentralized professional Twitter and Facebook alternate offering news streams without third party filters, showing your news feed the way you want to see it. Nobody is removing post, users, or sort your interests in a way they think its best for them. Mastodon is best for you, not for them. We and all of CTS are already since around 2 years on Mastodon, but now it spreads into the masses of Internet users and already reached millions of users. We are using the self hosted CTS instance https://mastodon.ctseuro.com/@ctsphoto, but based on the decentralization you are able to follow us from any Mastodon or Fedivers instance.

 - Matrix: We are using decentralized, secure, free and Open Source Matrix Riot Messenger. https://riot.im . Ask us for the Matrix address of your back office account manager.

If you are a photographer not registered at CTS you should checkout your chances for additionally sales of your images. We are interested in Press-, Celebrities-, Stock- and Sexy and Erotic images. Take your chance to present your images to worldwide customers and editorials! 40-80% payout!

After 12 years CTS Photo & Press Service we want to thank all photographers, customers and editorials for successful partnering with us in 35 countries! We are looking forward to a successful future and love to work with you in the next decade of professional image distribution.

Stay healthy!

Your CTS Backoffice Team



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