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One of the biggest Austrian Photo- and Pressagencies!

Photographers from over 30 countries!

CTS - successful since 1985!

CTS Photo & Press Service

"CTS Photo & Press Service", a department of the 1985 founded CTS GMBH, provides an extensive archive of interesting photos from various fields to editorial and commercial customers. It is required to register a free account.

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5020 Salzburg
T:+43 57676 5020
E: office@cts-photo.com

PR Agencies

  • To PR agencies and companies we offer a fee-based account to offer your images as free images to editorials.
  • No longer have problems or get blocked because of huge image attachments.
  • Images are long-term available on our IT infrastructure.
  • "Follow" link permission in the image description and link to the PR agency in your public visible profile page.
  • Clear presentation of all your free image offerings.
  • Contact us for details on this very great offer! Pricing starts at 29,-- € for 500 large JPG Images!
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