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The Photo- and IT-Profis!

W fully understand Photographers!

CTS - successful since 1985!

CTS Photo & Press Service

To our professional photographers we offer a simple upload, full IPTC support without need of editing on the server. For our beginners we offer an easy way of labeling images on the server. Simple mass assignment of whole series into corresponding categories and a fully automatic publishing images, without the need of our backoffice, starting with the 'Gold' account.

The outdated and insecure FTP support has been removed in favor of a SSL encrypted Web uploads with mass upload capability.

All photographers find a real time sales statistics, an overview of payment and all payment credit notes as PDF in the profile area. All relevant Bank and PayPal data can be entered directly into the profile.

Every author and every PR Agency has its own "home page" which can be integrated and advertised. Link in your profile under "Preview"

We offer following photographer accounts:

Free Accounts

  • "Bronze" - the standard account with 40% payout. Upload and label images and our back office takes care of anything else. The easy e account for photographers with little activity and for our mobile reporters.
  • "Silver" - Account upgrade to 45% payout. The upgrade is done by our back office if customers enjoys your pictures and your caption is perfect.
  • "Gold" - The Pro account with 50% payout. Gold Accoutns are able to put images online without the need of our backoffice. To ensure that only perfect labels go online we need successful uploads with perfect titles, descriptions and keywords. Without perfect labeling nobody will find your image.

Fee-based accounts

  • 'Platium 60-80' - by popular demand of our professionals, we have added 3 account types with payout between 60% and 80%. This Platium 60-80 Accounts are suitable for Pro-Photographers without own digital e-commerce websites, knowing that opeating e-commerce with lot of digital downloads are highly complex and expensive to operate. Yearly service costs for servers like this produces huge bills. CTS-Solutions.at , the CTS IT department, is specialized in highly complex and secure IT systems since over 30 years. The team operates the server in well-known, highly professional manner. Photographers benefit from higher sales through the joint marketing and dont have to worry about technical matters. Platium accounts are payed out every 1st of the month. Customers can contact photographers for photo job via the messaging system. Another great advantage.Platium accounts are available starting from 29 euros per month. Please contact us via the contact page for further details.

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5020 Salzburg
T:+43 57676 5020
E: office@cts-photo.com


  • Become part of a successful team and offer your photos via CTS to potential customers. Every photographer has his own portfolio page and can be contacted directly by customers via Message for bookings. Your sales are payed out with 40-80% depending on account and classification.
  • Realtime sales statistics in the profile area.
  • Profile page can be integrated into your own website and advertised
  • No more worries with an own shop. The CTS IT team ensures the smooth sale of your images.
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    Mobile Reporter

  • You have photographed a Star and want to earn money with this photo? Then you are right with us. We market your pictures and pay you your share via Paypal or IBAN Transfer. Register a Seller Account, upload image, fill out Title, Description and Keywords, done. The rest is handled by the CTS BackOffice team!
  • Important: Nobody wants to see selfis, pictures with you or other fans and the Star. Attempt a portrait and a landscape photo with the Star without fans! Always focus on eyes. Use the contact link to send us any questions you might have.
  • Register as mobile reporter!


  • Customers can purchase images via Paypal and IBAN transfers. The Paypal interface also offers the payment option credit card. Downloads are available after payment. To delegate the download as part of the editorial operation, the possibility of credits was set up. These can be purchased in advance and are available in the account for downloads.
  • Payouts will be made within the EU via IBAN transfer. Other countries are handled by Paypal.
  • Photographers accounts with payouts higher than 50% are fee-based. Details on request.